The True Market Value of Your Home

Many sellers make the mistake of believing that they can determine the market value of their home based on nothing more than its tax assessments or a Zillow Zestimate.

While a tax assessment gives you a good start, it does not take things like curb appeal and floor plan into account.

To determine your market value (and, thus, your asking price) for your home, you may want to get an appraisal. However, this does cost money and carries no guarantee that the result of the appraisal will be a favorable number. Instead of getting an appraisal, many savvy home sellers will evaluate what comparable houses are selling for in the area. This includes investigating listings, but it also involves actually visiting some of those properties to see how much floor plan, size, and other factors can attribute to increases or decreases in market values.

Appraisal Report with pen, keyboard, and measuring tape

A quality REALTOR can help you determine the best-asking price based on your home's true market value.

With Arbi's extensive experience in architecture, construction, and interior deign, he helps sellers set the best prices for their properties every day. 

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